ATTENTION Empaths, Nurturers, and Sensitives Who Give Too Much:

If you struggle with the cycle of depletion and over giving at the expense of your own well-being, let me help you learn to give to yourself first so your true gifts can come through with power, grace, and ease.


Aligning Your Power and Softness: From Intuitive Guidance To Assertive Action

Learn how to activate your intuitive guidance through self-awareness and meditation. Discover the steps toward balancing your inner strength AND your softness!

Sunday, February 3

3-4pm PST

During this free class you will learn how to:

Strengthen Your Intuitive Sense

Learn how a simple daily meditation practice can ease confusion by breaking the advice-seeking pattern and beginning to trust your own inner compass consistently so that you can take assertive and inspired action steps.

Balance Your Power And Softenss

Recognize both the power of the inner feminine warrior and the tender nurturer and how to blend each in service of self and others.

Commit To Healthy Boundaries

Set strong, consistent boundaries with others in your life in order to allow space and time for your emerging gifts!

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Heart-Centered Energy Healing:

Teaching Through Healing

Tina Ji is a Certified Energy Healing Counselor through the Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing. She specializes in helping empaths and nurturing types ease overwhelm and learn to replenish themselves so that their true gifts can come through. She is part of the teaching team for the Healers Forum located in San Fernando, CA, and maintains a private healing practice in West Hills, CA. Tina is also a writer and mom of three.

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